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Freediving Health Benefits

Every year since 2007, NoTanx members have represented
their countries at the AIDA World Championships.

The NoTanx system splits training into 10 specific aspects.
Each aspect can be developed individually, in most cases dry.
Year round training is possible with the addition of a detailed schedule.

NTX Individual Coaching

Branch directors are your primary contact with regards training,
1 to 1 sessions can be booked either dry, during pool sessions or during trips.

With 15 years of experience we have experts in all areas of apnea,
we can easily tailor a programme to your specific needs.


1. Scheduling & Mentoring

3 types of Coaching Sessions

  • Specifically designed for efficient progression
  • Personalised schedule for your specific objectives
  • Continuous appraisal & path adjustment to suit all levels
  • NTX Training Schedule gives a detailed description of all 10 aspects
  • Recommended : monthly personal coaching + weekly pool sessions

2. Strength & Fitness

  • Train at home efficiently - specifically for freediving
  • A unique programme developed by our dedicated coach
  • Based on continual assesement of your movement & flexability
  • Get a simple personalised program to suit your aims & objectives

 Recommended : monthly coached session + training 3 to 4 times a week


3. Techniques & Specifics

  • World class techniques for all disciplines
  • Suitable for recreational & competative divers
  • Specific exercises to integrate into your individual training
  • Efficiency of movement & objective training starting from awareness.
  •  Recommended : Pre-holiday or during a training trip

Whatever your goals - it is important to revisit each area,
to develop your training to suit your changing needs.

NoTanx Freediving
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NoTanx Freediving
NoTanx Freediving