NoTanx Freediving Courses

“The best way to improve is to dive. Time in the water is the key.” Loic LeFerme

A freediver doesn’t hold their breath, but rather pauses to enjoy it.

We must learn to be comfortable & enjoy the unique pleasure of every moment.

NoTanx Freediving

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Your journey starts here, NTX courses give you the tools to train & improve.

We run courses for everyone - from beginner to international level competitors.


NTX courses focus on individual progression, not statistics like depth & time.



You will be introduced to sub-aquatic relaxation strategies that will benefit SCUBA divers, freedivers and sports enthusiasts. Breathing & awareness exercisesfor stressful  situations such as public presentations, exams or even everyday meetings in theoffice.
As singleday course  : Central  London:  1st Sat ofthe Month.
Costs  just £160 : E-mail or book now!



You will learn soft equalisation techniques, rope etiquette, open water safety & vertical diving. Enjoy theory & practical sessions with experienced instructors.


Up to 3h in water - we have all specialist equipment available


This full days unique diving experience costs just £130.. E-mail or book now



Experiencing nature unencumbered by equipment.

Confirmation of places will be given on payment receipt,
secure your place as they are very limited (high Teacher to Student Ratio)


Where it all begins. Safety, basic techniques & an introduction to our philosophy

NoTanx qualifications & other training agencies


The NTStyle is a complete training system for all areas of apnea. NTX techniques enable continued progression in the sport, irrespective of objectives (e.g. Recreational, Health or Competition).


Our qualified instructors can sign off qualifications from the main 3 ratification agencies. If you need criteria signed off, or courses/qualifications just ask.

NoTanx Freediving
NoTanx Freediving
NoTanx Freediving


We believe that although the basics can be taught in a short course it takes weeks or months to perfect techniques therefore from 2016 we are offering specific AIDA courses.

AIDA 2* - £340

AIDA 3* - £200


  • Foundation & Open Water course
  • Unlimited Open Water sessions (12 months)
  • Pool sessions from under £4 (12 months)


Having the opportunity to practice efficiency & awareness in pool sessions after the 2*, makes this course a lot easier.

  • 4 Pool Sessions
  • 4 Open water sessions
  • 1 day theory/dry practical

AIDA 4* - Info on Request

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NoTanx Freediving
NoTanx Freediving