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Body awareness & breathing techniques are inextricable,
correct breathing can unlock greater levels of fitness in everyone.

NTX techniques can simulate high altitude training, improve efficiency of movement, relieve asthma & are suitable for everyone.

Proven by thousands of Freedivers since 1999.

NTX Sport & Fitness

We will come to your training session & show you how to focus the mind, optimise Oxygen, control the body, utilise CO2, improve Strength & Stamina.


Suitable for groups or individuals.

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1. Breathing & Relaxation

We break down training to 3 areas of focus.

  • Correct breathing & relaxation techniques to help improve Oxygen distribution and usage.
  • Specifically designed for active sports : by improving learning and reducing fatigue.
  • Techniques can also be used to relieve day to day stresses.

2. Efficiency & Awareness

  • Learning (and thus development) will only occur with awareness and honesty.
  • Awareness enables implementation of breathing & relaxation techniques.
  • Stress reduces the bodies acceptance and thus adaptation is limited.



3. Training & Heath

  • Specific exercises to integrate into the individuals training : making each session more effective.
  • Challenging the body rather than forcing; encourages much faster development.
  • Efficiency of movement & objective training starting from awareness.
  • Techniques to use the breath as a tool to train more efficiently.



Whatever the sport - it is important to remember to revisit each area, continuing to integrate it within an individuals training.

NoTanx Freediving Health
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NoTanx Freediving Health
NoTanx Freediving Health
NoTanx Freediving Health