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Meet the Team

Marcus Greatwood

Senior Instructor
Branch Director Kingston

Founder & senior instructor. Having coached world & held national records... Marcus now concentrates on videography & teaching.

Lucelle Simms

UK Team member
Branch Director Putney

Julian Clarke

Assistant Instructor
Branch Director Leatherhead

A senior member with a lot of experience and enthusiasm. One of the founder members of Phreatic Divers, Leatherhead is renowned for its own hard rules in Apnea games.

Lucelle has competed at the top level for several years (world Championships 2012/15). Recently taken on our Friday night sessions in Putney.

Gary Hunter

Assistant Instructor
Branch Director Colchester

A former military PT instructor Gary knows how to train well and develop fast. Having studied Yoga for 5 years his approach to Freediving is Holistic.

Paul Crathern

Assistant Instructor
Branch Director Brighton

Paul brings his engineering skills to the phreatic diving, to great effect. Helping out Tom with Brighton sessions since the beginning of 2015

Dan Betts

UK Champion
Branch Leatherhead

NoTanx Photographer, Team GB member and Cooper test Record holder. Dan is always at the front of the group (or behind pushing!)

Adam de la Mare

Branch Director Kensington

Member of the 2012 UK team, Adam has been diving for 4 years, taking on responsibility for Westminster at the beginning of 2014..

Marco Piccioni

Senior Member
Branch : Kingston

NoTanx Diver of the year 2014. Although a lifelong spearfisher, Marco is relatively new to NoTanx : he is our Mr.Motivator. Video

Andy Laurie

Branch Director Scotland

Founder member of NoTanx Club, moved to Hurghada to teach Freediving for 4 years. 2016 saw the start of NTX Scotland when he moved to Aberfeldy.

Arnaud Palu


A member for over 8 years, always taken NTStyle to wherever he is in the world. A member of the 214m team he is no stranger to high level diving.

NoTanx freediving team

As well as an exemplary safety record, we base our training on progression, with a proven track record.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at, or where you are aiming - Enjoyment is the key to long term progression.


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NoTanx Freediving
NoTanx Freediving
NoTanx Freediving