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we run 2 comps a year…
spring pool & autumn Lake


1 pool & 1 depth competition

SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE - Foundation course required

We run 2 comps a year - 1 pool & 1 Lake

Birthday Comp
2 days of pool competition fun.  Specially designed for everyone to enter & enjoy : beginners especially. 
Saturday is DNF in a 25m pool 
Sunday is STA and DYN (50m pool) 

DNF only   £12 (£18 for non members) 
STA & DYN  £32 (£42 for non members)

Dive off
Since 2009 we have gone off to Vobster,  camped @ Glebe house for 3 days of fun in Vobster.... including 4 competitions such as :
1 hour Challenge, Guess your depth, Team static* & AIDA rules. 

Friday Variable weight diving & some 1to1 lessons. 
Saturday AIDA rules depth comp (with fun variations), followed by pool fun "back at the ranch" 
Sunday will be guess your depth in Vobster.  

Dive off price £42 
Entry to Vobster £18 per day


Next dates available

Spetember 2019

Dive Off 6th - 8th

MArch 2020

Birthday Comp 14th - 15th


upcoming events

We’re always active travelling, training and taking part to diving events. Discover what we’re up to next and join us!