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1 week camping and freediving in cornwall, 
discovering new places & visiting old favourites. 


A week of camping & diving in Cornwall

SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE - Open water course recommended

Some sites are 'hard to find' - others are simply off the beaten track. 

Suitable for the whole family - dedicated campsite - huge basecamp. 
We have a field in Redruth (c/o Globe Vale) in which you are welcome to come and go as you wish.  We have a marquee in the field that serves as a breakfast room, and meeting room. 
Camping is £15 a night. 

After breakfast and the morning Mambo, we are off to to 1st site of the day. 
All our sites are on the Freefest map (OS style). some are more accessible than others (discussed in the morning meeting) 

Lunch will be "on the beach" or cafe (weather depending)... followed by the 2nd site. 
On route Marcus' obsession with megalithic stone structures usually leads us up forgotten paths and across fields to amazing ancient sites. (Amazing not guaranteed!) 

We have a dive (traditionally turns out to be a surf session!) on the last day - before driving home.

You can leave you car at the campsite and jump in with someone else - we share petrol costs 
(just give £5 to the driver in the AM - then everyone can swapo cars during the day)

TESCOS - yup there is a huge TESCOs about 1mile from the campsite.. as well as a camping/surplus shop next to the station. 

Train it - Of course you can jump on the train to Redruth - let us know you are coming to arrange a pick-up or just jump in a cab to the camp site.


£90 for 7 days (Arrive Mon/Tues)
£80 for 5 days (Arrive Wed/Thurs)
£60 for 3 or less (Arrive Friday onwards)


Next dates available

August 2019

Tuesday 20th - 26th

August 2020

Dates TBA


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