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Teaching & promoting freediving in the UK since1999

Learn. improve. explore.


About US

Freediving is the art of moving efficiently underwater on a single breath. The NTX training system has, at its core, a focus on enjoyment & relaxation. Techniques start with awareness & are suitable for everyone.

The health benefits are innumerable, our techniques can relieve asthma, stress and panic attacks.

Training with NoTanx can gain improvements in many other activities like scuba, triathlons, Brazilian jujitsu, golf & more.


The club

We are a friendly bunch. We train regularly in London, Brighton, Colchester and Surrey and often organise social events and lake days. Come and join the fun!


our Courses

We offer courses for all level, from beginners to advanced training and personalised coaching.


upcoming events

We’re always active travelling, training and taking part to diving events. Discover what we’re up to next and join us!




A week in the Red Sea or a weekend in Nemo - Brussels 35m deep pool. Discover all the amazing freediving holidays and weekend getaways we organise regularly over the year.


NoTanx qualifications & other training agencies

The NTStyle is a complete training system for all areas of apnea. NTX techniques enable continued progression in the sport, irrespective of objectives (e.g. Recreational, Health or Competition). Our qualified instructors can sign off qualifications from the main ratification agencies. If you need criteria signed off, or courses/qualifications just ask.


Our collaborations