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 Teaching & promoting freediving in the UK since1999

Freediving is the art of moving efficiently underwater on a single breath. The NTX training system has, at its core, a focus on enjoinment & relaxation. Techniques start with awareness & are suitable for everyone.The health benefits are innumerable, our techniques can relieve asthma, stress and panic attacks.

Training with NoTanx can gain improvements in many other activities like scuba, triathlons, Brazilian jiujitsu, golf & more.


Meet the NTX team




Soon after I started freediving in 1999, Loic Leferme said to me “you have to start a club - great things only happen when you have a group of people to make them happen”
Since then NoTanx has enabled a lot of people to interact with the Oceans & Lakes.

I’ve done my fair share of competitive diving - both as an athlete and coach - but for me it always comes back to enjoying where you are at that moment - underwater, weightless, timeless - and that feeling is accessible by everyone.


Julian Clarke

Leatherhead Director & senior instructor

9 years ago I booked myself onto a foundation course as soon as I realised that I could learn to freedive in London. I remember my first trip to the Red Sea; diving past a beautiful hard coral spanning from the surface down to the bright sand, then looking up to see fish dancing in and out of the reef with the silhouettes of my dive buddies seemingly miles above me.

I’m privileged to be able to run Leatherhead Branch: we have a reputation for hard training (with a penchant for cheating!), but in fact our sessions are fun, challenging and incredibly rewarding.


Emily Wright

Brighton Branch Director

I started with an interest in mermaiding with no idea what freediving was. When I began training I never had any intention of taking it outside of a pool setting. However, I got absolutely hooked, and a few years later was running the Brighton club. It is very hard to pick a single favourite dive, although I think it has got to be being underwater with a pod of dolphins and their pups in Marsa Alam.

I'm so proud of how friendly and welcoming our sessions are & how we have expanded to two weekly sessions, Brighton & Hove.


Ollie Welton

COLCHESTER Branch Director

My breath-holding journey began after a chance conversation with the old branch director, Gary Hunter, led me to sign up for NoTanx’s Zero-to-Hero competition in 2013. I dive for the moments of quiet and calm that fill me as I slip under the surface, the experiences I can share with friends and the smiles on peoples faces when they emerge from a beautiful dive. My personal favourite dive was one I shared with a tiny octopus in just 6 feet of water.

Colchester has a lot of space, with a dedicated meeting room, 6 lanes and a dive pit. We mix both Yin and Yang elements.


Marco Piccioni


I started spearfishing in the Mediterranean around the age of 7 under my father’s guidance. NoTanx changed the way I experience the ocean and her inhabitants, the environment and ultimately how I conduct my life. Now when I freedive with my father we don’t spearfish any more, we enjoy watching and connecting with fish, it feels amazing.

My favourite dive ever was in 2016 during our Yacht trip in Greece, first time we found “The Ladder” after days of research. First the excitement, then the technical organisation then a set of amazing dives; pure bliss.


Arnaud Palu


When I was 7 years old I spent hours pulling at the flabby bit of skin in between my fingers. I figured that if I was pulling long and hard enough I would have webbed hands, it didn’t work. 13 years later I saw the movie, The Big Blue & realised that there were other people like me.

Freediving is a solitary pursuit, each dive a human journey. The NoTanx school of thought is one of selflessness and empathy, of comprehension and embrace, of surrendering and enjoyment. We do not search for the perfect dive but accept that the best dive is the next.


Adam de la mare


I began freediving with Notanx in 2010 & found the club’s philosophy of focusing on enjoyment and relaxation really suited me. I become addicted to freediving, swimming and generally being around water. I now run Freedive Menorca, where we aim to bring this broader, more relaxed approach towards freediving in everything we do.

Favourite dive? ICELAND! More beautiful than it is cold (but not by much!). Diving in crystal clear, 2deg water in the rift between the North American and Eurasian plates is a humbling and life changing experience.


Lucelle Simms

Shop & Putney branch director

My first taste of freediving was in South-Africa as a teenager, diving for crayfish and abalone, I only discovered the sport through NoTanx 8 years ago. I love the challenges of competition, but it’s the experiences I have in the ocean that stays with me.

My most memorable dive was in Egypt - in a hidden cave that opened up into smaller chambers. Sunlight was breaking through the roof throwing beams of light onto the rock and fish, so beautiful.

Friday night sessions at Putney are incredibly helpful for those who want to work on something specific, fine-tuning techniques.