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 Iceland adventure

Travelling and diving in amazing landscapes


3 days & 1 WEEK trip ti Iceland

SUITABLE FOR adventurous - open water experience required

So much to do and so little time. 
As seen in Diver Magazine, this is an amazing trip. 

We have many regular dive sites including,  
Silfra Fissure - the famous crack between the tectonic plates 
Kleifarvatn lake - bubbling hot springs at the bottom of a lake 
Bjarnagjá - "Mini Silfra" 

We get to do dry activities on our time off … 
Lava tubes such as Raufarholshellir - with stunning ice decorations. 
Hiking up to the geothermic rivers for a dip. 
Visiting Brimketill Troll Pool.

Estimated COST for 7 days - £1320 

Includes : 6 days Diving, Travel around Iceland,


Next dates available

APRIL 2020

Dates TBA


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